Preparing for your First Visit

1. Be enthusiastic about healing, and be ready to work.

2. Know that YOU are the healer, and I am simply the facilitator.  Keep your thoughts clear and your mind open.  Acupuncture is so much more powerful when the patient surrounds the idea of treatment with nothing but positivity.  To quote one of my favorite artists, while in treatment, I suggest you lay back, relax, and simply “surrender to the flow."

3.  Open your mind to herbal medicine.  Developing internal organ harmony is best accomplished through the help of herbal prescriptions.  These are gentle, mild, safe, and effective adjuncts to acupuncture treatment that will clear your path to wellness in half the time that it would take with just acupuncture.  Formulas are catered to your specific constitutional needs.

4.  Recognize that your thoughts are HUGELY important.  If your inner dialogue is full of negativity or thoughts of powerlessness, try to notice that dialogue and replace those negative thoughts with positive counterparts.  This will EXPONENTIALLY speed your progress.

5.  Have a little something in your stomach before your appointment.  There is a small chance that you’ll experience slight nausea or vertigo if treated on an empty stomach.

6.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing; pants that can roll up to your knees, and a shirt that can go up to your elbows.

7.  Allot for at least 90 minutes for this first appointment.  We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.