Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.
— Hippocrates

A Call to Awaken the Alchemist Within You…

Katelyn Michals, L.Ac.

Katelyn Michals, L.Ac.


Roots Acupuncture Center is NO LONGER accepting new patients for ACUPUNCTURE (updated April, 2019).

I’ve instead been called to create and deliver a transformational program to better serve humanity on a larger scale.

This program is called:

Untitled Design.png

Here’s who I’m looking for:

I’m looking to work with FIVE women entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) who have a dream of not only conquering their physical, mental and emotional symptoms, but also women who know that they have a higher calling.

Women who are ready to begin serving the planet in a more meaningful way.

Women who have a deep desire to tap into their own self-healing abilities, as well as their ability to hold space for others’ healing.

I’m looking for…

Heart-centered women

Compassionate women

Empathic women

Women who want to share their unique transformational gifts with the rest of humanity.

Women who feel inspired to discover and reconnect with their own bodies and minds, as well as their divine purpose on this planet, so that they may powerfully SERVE the people they were born to serve.

I’m looking for women who are ready to show up fully for themselves.

I’m looking for women who are finally ready to fall madly in love with themselves and step into their innate POWER and inborn genius.

Women who are finally ready to begin to step fearlessly into the unknown.

This program will be nothing short of life-changing; not only for you, but for everyone you meet, from the moment of enrollment forward.

This program will be calling you higher than you’ve ever dared to elevate before.

This program will TRANSFORM your life on ALL levels, and help you deliver the same to your clients.

You have to be ALL IN in order for this to change your life - are you ready?

If you have landed here, looking for acupuncture, but happen to resonate with this calling, I believe that you are here for a powerful reason, and I would LOVE to hop on a call with you!


Awaken the Alchemist will be a 9-week, high-level program that will help powerful women re-awaken their own inner healer, and with this deep inner transformation, they will then be fully equipped to extend that healing out into the lives of their clients.

This program will include…

9 Self-Study Elements that will help you transform Pain into Purpose for yourself and your Clients

9 Group Coaching Calls with an intimate group of women that I will hand-select so that POWERFUL transformation can arrive within each and every call.

2 90-minute 1:1 deep coaching calls (or in-person sessions) with Katelyn Michals, L.Ac., MSOM

A 5-day All-Inclusive Mastermind Retreat (location TBD by the group) where we will help one another expand into our next evolution

Support in Katelyn’s Team Management Software 4 days per week

Curated access to Audio Trainings, Meditations, Worksheets, and Processes

Are you ready?


"Katelyn is a warm, wonderful human being that truly cares and connects with her patients. I know this because I'm a patient of hers. She encourages me to aim higher, try harder, and as a result, I have become a better, more thoughtful person on this planet." - Ryan

“Katelyn is very kind and spiritual. If you need a very special treatment plan, please call her! She is amazing!” - Patsy

“I'm a 57 yr old woman with frequent bouts of insomnia (3-4 times/week). I went to Katelyn because I didn't want to make it a habit of taking drugs to get sleep. Katelyn is an expert at what she does! One session with her and my insomnia disappeared for 6 weeks! No more sleeping drugs for me! Katelyn is the answer.” - Carol